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Case 产品展示 Standardized production plant, complete production assembly line, rich professional technical staff

Customer Service 服务客户Fast, caring and meticulous

Our Advantages 我们的优势 Meet the multi-functional design, high-quality and inexpensive products, and meticulous service

No storefront, saving rent

You only need to invest in the money for the car and the money for the ingredients, and you do not need to pay a large amount of shop rent to the landlord every month, which saves you a lot of cost and trouble.

No need for decoration, saving decoration cost

Choosing an electric snack truck can avoid the decoration problem. The snack truck has already been designed, beautiful partner, electric snack truck, color matching and fashionable, it looks very stylish.

Business place can be changed everywhere

Electric dining carts are highly mobile. You can go wherever you want to by pushing the cart. If you walk around places with mobility, your business will naturally be hot and you will accumulate more wealth.

Case 案例展示 To provide customers with a personalized dining car as the work goal

About US 关于我们 Carry out the truth with honesty, establish the foundation with faith, and win-win cooperation

        The customer edge shop car is committed to the new fashion environmental protection concept and consumption concept, is a professional engaged in electric snack car, electric dining car, electric food car, multi-functional dining car technology enterprises. The company has a strong technical development ability and rich management experience, adhere to keep pace with The Times, start so far has made outstanding achievements in the peer, and has been the majority of consumers in the unanimous praise, establish a good reputation. Because we focus, we do it with sincerity.

        The dining car can be seen and felt. Although they are not of high value, they are more competitive. The company, in line with the quality policy of "scientific and technological innovation first, trees the best products of the industry", is committed to building a "large-scale, modern and international" enterprise in the dining car industry, striving to create a famous dining car brand. We are willing to use high quality products, sincere service and you to establish a long-term friendly relations of cooperation, welcome calls and visits to discuss cooperation.




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